about me

Hey, I am Manoj Kumar 🙂

Welcome to my online home! I live physically in Sydney, Australia.

I write + host a podcast + just started creating YouTube content.


There are 3 places I write the most – this website + Medium.com + Twitter.

Over the last 15 years, I haven’t written as much as I would like to but somehow wrote close to 400 articles both online & via email newsletters. Starting August 2020, I am setting a goal of at least 1 article/month. Wish me luck!


From a career perspective, I have worked in the student employment sector, the Australian international education sector & the digital Ad Operations field. Through these jobs I learnt how to dig out the inherent skills within people & understand what keeps them ticking.

On the side, I am learning online content creation, social media marketing, website development, email newsletter strategies, eCommerce and podcasting.
I have helped several people and their small businesses get off the ground in these areas also!
Regarding website development, I know how to set up WordPress themes, Shopify stores, Carrd.co landing pages, newsletter apps (Mailchimp, Convertkit, Substack) & currently familiarizing with Webflow.

As a hobby, I love to read, cook, doodle & take photographs.
Talking about photographs, check out my photographs on Unsplash!


I practice Eastern spirituality and one message within the ancient scriptures is the love, care & protection for the most gentle of all animals – the cow. So in 2011 I started this initiative on the side to spread the awareness about saving cows & how we can save the world by doing so. That’s how SaveCows.info was born!

That’s it!

Thanks for getting to know me 🙂 Hope you find the articles, photos and videos interesting & perhaps helpful too.

You can follow & contact me on Twitter at “Manoj Thinks“.

Also available on email – “hey@manojwrites.com”

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