40 actions to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

1. Be vegetarian

2. Meditate daily

3. Exercise

4. Read/listen to topics related to self-development

5. Read a holy scripture

6. Take part in charity activities or give in charity

7. Serve others

8. Eat raw ginger

9. Drink warm water (try it with grated ginger, lemon juice & ajwain)

10. Don’t live in the past – forgive.

11. Rise early (by 5am)

12. Write (anything – thoughts, journal, short story, novel)

13. Look after your parents

14. Do for the sake of doing. Don’t be attached to the results.

15. Be clean

16. Be punctual

17. Develop good manners

18. After breakfast, brain dump all the things to be done for the day on to a paper/to-do app. Do it before work.

19. Have meals on time, sitting & quietly

20. Remember – good & bad times shall pass.

21. Don’t be proud. Be humble.

22. Plant something

23. Feed the birds sometimes

24. Gaze at the sky, a water reservoir, the earth & fire sometime

25. Get fresh air everyday

26. Attend funerals

27. Stop gambling

28. Stop drinking alcohol

29. Stop late night sleep

30. Don’t spend over 25 mins on social media per day

31. Save money. Invest money

32. Find mentors on all aspects of your life

33. Control your sex desire.

34. Cooperate with your partner.

35. Look out for miracles every day

36. Take a weekly massage

37. Take a yearly internal body cleansing/detox program

38. Pray

39. Draw

40. Be patient with everything, everyone, every day.

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