Another shot at a Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We have finished 20 years of Y2K. The 20th year was surely a crazy one. And everyone hopes 2021 will be different, in terms of health, freedom & happiness. But it won’t be unless we act right.

Trillions of $$$ spent world over to produce weapons of all kinds to kill one another. Imagine if that money could be used to build hospitals, improve schools & effectively distribute food & medicines.

Billions of animals killed every year for the sake of nutrition, experiments & sports. Imagine how much bad karma can be avoided by leaving them alone or at least treat them like our own children.

Millions of $$$ spent by the rich on parties, expensive clothing and vehicles. Imagine if such extra money can be used to fund scholarships or pay hospital bills for the underprivileged.

Tons of pollutants enter our air, water & earth EVERYDAY. Imagine if every country in the world followed a week or at least a weekend or even a day of total vehicle lockdown except for ambulances, police and fire service.

Hard to make such changes as above?

Imagine if each of us made our own little change in our lives for the betterment of humanity, Earth, and all living beings.

That year would truly be a happy New Year!

Could that year be 2021?

This is month 1.

Shall we start?

Featured Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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