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There was a time when people turned towards Evernote, OneNote, Air Table, Trello, Pocket, internal wikis etc to manage their productivity & knowledge management. No doubt, they were good but having to work across platforms was so outdated.

Enter – Notion.

This app has been a game-changer. It combines everything into one. You can pretty much run your life & work from this platform. Their wiki entry explains it well:

Notion is an application that provides components such as databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, among others.
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With a minimalist yet elegant design, easy to operate dashboards, collaborative features & good support, Notion has pretty high adoption across the world. From college kids to entrepreneurs to established companies, Notion is fast becoming their preferred tool to manage information. As of April 2020, they had 4 million users with a U$2 billion valuation! Not bad for a startup that launched just 2 years ago.

Something that’s fast gaining momentum is Notion’s ability to push across a page in your account into a full-blown website! In fact, the content-management-system (CMS) is very quick, robust & cool to operate. Could it be a big competition to WordPress, perhaps?

If you wanted to host your own website, WordPress requires you to have your own hosting account first, followed by a template setup, and then fill it up with all your content. On Notion, its pretty simple. All you need to do is publish your page.

When you publish your Notion page as a website, the web URL can be lengthy:

Looks nasty right?

That’s fixed now! This is how 🙂 is a service that lets you host your Notion website on a custom URL!

This means your Notion public page can be masked as “” by SUPER.

You can also set up custom fonts, analytic codes & chat widgets using

Set up is easy & support very friendly.

Once you signup, you will see the below buttons on your dashboard: dashboard links

Clicking on SITE allows you to connect your custom domain ( to your Notion page.

All in all, it takes about 5 mins to set it up. Instructions are clear for any layperson to understand. Each tab on the setup teaches you what needs to be done. custom domain setup

Super Static is a tool offered by Super to manage your domain better. It allows you to use “pretty URLs” which is where you can further shorten the URL for each page of your public Notion website. E.g: create links like –

Super Default maintains the exact URL slug from Notion but is added at the end of your own custom URL. So, it still makes your URL slightly lengthy, unlike Super Static which is most people will go with.

By the way, you will need to make some changes to your DNS (where you bought your domain from) so that your Notion page + the custom domain + Super can all work together. Clear instructions are given for that part of the setup also. domain setup help

Once you signup, you also have access to their community (operated through platform) where you can ask your questions, check out the websites designed by others, and just get inspired for your “no code” journey. Community

That’s it from me.

Hope this article helped. If you have any questions, please ask in comments below and I shall see how best I can help you with your setup.

Also, when your website is up and running, why don’t you share that in comments as well! We would love to take a look.

For now, you can sign up to these services here – Notion & Super.


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