Deciding on a Point and Shoot Camera

All my cameras have been bulky, the DSLR types. But they are good though! Sharp images, sharp videos, sharp sound & sharp $$$!

But there are times, you need a much smaller/lighter versions, that you can just slip into your pocket and take it for those sudden special photo moments. You may be thinking – why not use your mobile phone? Yes, that’s an option but what if you want more controls to make your picture look super cool. But then some of the latest phones have all sorts of features that could mimic a good camera. But then, they come at a higher price too. A handy point & shoot digital cameras can be gotten under $500!

So, after days of researching and keeping in mind the time that’s running out for my upcoming Mumbai/India trip, I have finally shortlisted the ones that I think will serve my purpose. Please see them below. I have included the Amazon links below each one for you in case you want to check it out there or check out from there 🙂
Note: Australian users – your specific Amazon store links are way down at the bottom.

1. SONY W830 Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom (below $200)

SONY W830 Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom

2. LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-TZ80 (below $400)

LUMIX Digital Camera DMC-TZ80

For some reason, I couldn’t find that exact camera on Amazon from my main picture (TZ80) but the above ZS 70s looks great as well.

3. SONY WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom (below $400)

WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom

4. Fujifilm XQ2 (below $300)

Fujifilm XQ2

5. FUJIFILM GFX 50R (below $8000!)


What do I get!

All of the above are fantastic cameras from what I read on the website specs and user reviews. Obviously based on where I am at life and how my earning capacity looks, option 4 is OUT! Wowie! Never thought you could spend spend so much on a camera but there you go. It must be one good camera!!!

Looks like I will most probably be going with Option 2, 3 or 4. Amazon does have some good offers on at the moment and they look enticing! You can read as many reviews as you like and look through as many camera photos as you want, but unless you get one and try it out for yourself, you never know! So, I am going to get one over the next few weeks. Watch out for a blog post on the point and shoot camera that I will eventually end up getting!!

Australian Amazon users can use the below links for the above cameras:
1. Sony W380:
2. Lumix DMC TZ80:
3. Sony WX 500:
4. Fujifilm XF1 (XQ2 not seen):
5. Fujifilm GFX 50R:

Image credits
Cameras: Directly from the company websites of Sony, Fujifilm and Panasonic
Camera with prices: Amazon Affiliate links
Featured image: Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

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