Ego is the president of our lives

I have been reading the reluctance of the current US President, to concede defeat to his opponent. Not sure how much of the media writing is true, but I wanted to look at the situation from another perspective.

When it’s time to give up, give it up.

By “give up”, I don’t mean you stop chasing your dreams but I am referring to letting go of something that isn’t yours anymore. It also means giving up on striving for a result isn’t possible to achieve. As they say:

You have goals that are hard to hit or hard to miss.

You can know the difference by being thoughtful, intelligent, and practical.

Many times people in a position of power cannot give up their “seat” because they don’t want to lose control. This is because of a few reasons but primarily greed, envy, and ego.

Greed: when you want more than what you need.

Envy: You don’t want to see other people succeed.

Ego: Me, myself, and I – I am the best.

In fact, what drives greed and envy is EGO.

There are 2 types of ego:
1. True ego
2. False ego

So, the ego is always going to be a part of our personality. False ego is where you position yourself as the topmost controller and enjoyer. When you know this is not the case, you are on the True ego platform. An intelligent person knows that nothing really is in our hands. We can perform an action, but the results are not in our grip.

One of the best ways to manage false ego, and hence greed & envy, is to let go. If you find yourself over-protective of your circumstance, it’s the false ego at play.

Let’s say you have been in a job for a long time and there is no threat to the length of time you can be in that role. Perhaps you are good at the job or maybe not. Naturally, you feel secure and in control. Who would give up such a position? But that’s the opportunity the false ego is waiting for, to strengthen its hold on you.

Challenge yourself! Resign from the role & seek another opportunity. Better still – give it to someone whom you don’t like, but is good at their work. By doing it, you are conquering fear, ego, envy & greed, all at one go!

I have done this in my own career. And the happiness I get from knowing that I am not attached to a position is so enlivening. There is a certain sense of freedom & your quality of work improves. You become selfless and more caring towards others. People respect you more because they know you have the best interest of the people & the company at heart. Giving someone else the opportunity to step-in, contribute & grow, is a beautiful thing. You had your time, so move on. It’s not a failure to do so.

Better to break free than imprison yourself in your own insecurities.

So, in conclusion – don’t elect your ego to be the President of your life. If it does, you can free yourself by forcefully letting go of the circumstance you are fiercely clinging to.

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