Got it! The Panasonic Lumix TZ80!

So, if you have read one of my old articles, I was on the hunt for a point-and-shoot camera before my trip to Mumbai, India.


Before you buy any expensive gadget (or anything), you need to ask these questions:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. What is my budget?
  3. What are its strengths & weakness?
  4. What does the competition have?
  5. How does it feel in your hands?

About 2 weeks before I got the camera, I began to read up as much as I could on compact cameras out there. I didn’t want a bulky DSLR and I had a budget of only $350.

In terms of research, I went through many YouTube video & reviews, checked out the items on online stores and read the reviews there too.

There were 3 things I was looking for in a compact camera:

  • the processing time of a photo capture – had to be reasonably quick
  • quality of the image taken – clear and sharp as much as possible
  • not overly outdated – 2-3 years release date was fine.

The review that really got me convinced to consider the Panasonic Lumix TZ80 (amazon affiliate link) was this YouTube camera review by Dave Brett.

My interest in the item peaked when he gave an example of a 4K video shoot. You can see it at 1:44 seconds in the video. 4K video is where you capture a 50 fps (frames per second) video and then slowing it down to a part in that series you want to use as your favourite photo. I was hooked! I have never heard of it before and I could see how that would be handy for spicing up my website 🙂

Online & Offline

Although I did most of the research online, I still made a trip to the local camera shop to have a feel of the item. My general rule of thumb is that if I check a product out in a store, that’s where I will buy from.

I don’t want to use a retail store & the friendly staff’s time to test a product physically and then come online to purchase it!

If the price is cheaper online, then I will bargain with the retail store to match it.

The Store Visit

Digital Camera WareHouse | Kent St | Sydney

Situated close to Town Hall Station and pretty much in the centre of the city, the store that I chose was Digital Camera Warehouse on Kent Street. Once in the store, a store assistant named Tauhid started helping me out with suggestions, stories, and insights. Taking into account all of my needs, he zeroed in on the Panasonic Lumix TZ80 (store website link)- the same camera that I was considering as well! He was confident of its quality and encouraged me to use the special sale that was available then.

a screenshot from website

The item felt good in the hands, wasn’t too heavy, took sharp pictures, and it suited my price range too! I didn’t get it straight away though and had to make a few more trips to the store to make sure I was getting the right thing.

Over the next few days, I began to look online for photos taken by the camera. I mainly used . Searching for “Panasonic TZ80” gave me a gallery of photos I could analyze.

a screenshot of a page from

The photos taken by these photographs reassured me about the quality of the camera:

  1. by Antonio
  2. by Botterbloom
  3. by Petri

The best part of using websites like Flickr and 500PX is that it tells you the camera used for that photo and what the settings were. See examples below:

So, if you are a basic/beginner photographer with no proper understanding of the various camera settings (like me!), you can practice taking photos using the settings these photographers have used.

One day as I was scrolling through the photos, I decided that it was now time to get the camera. There was no further need to think so much. So, on a bright sunny day during my lunch break, I went back to the store and got the camera!

Once the camera was in my hands, it thrilled me! The last time I got a camera was 8 years ago! It felt so good. Straight out the retail store, I began to take photos and check the item out. Since then, I have been taking a bit of photos here and there every day much like blog writing. Over the next few days, I am looking forward to sharing the pics with you so you can see the quality for yourself. Majority will be on Instagram, so please follow me there 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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