Judging others

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How often have we seen people or found ourself judging others? In our busy urban life, where competition runs high, everyone wanting to be bold & beautiful and also trying their hand at being rich & famous along the way, we somehow find the taste in looking for the faults of others 🙁

Often we feel that we got it all sorted and that our perspective is the right way for everyone. Parents do this to their kids, couples do it each other, employers and employees too. All of this creates a very stressful, uninspiring, self-conscious and a judgemental society. How can one be happy in such a situation?

Here is a revelation – everyone has faults. No one is perfect. Every single living being on the planet has their own problem. No one is spared. Such is material world. Imperfection is guaranteed for everyone & everything. From our social media posts, TV and magazines, we are presented with the perfect somebody and we live & hope that we possess the same qualities & achievements. When we can’t, we become envious of people who may have some of the qualities you are aspiring for, and finding faults begins. Once you find it, you obviously want to share it, which leads to gossip. Such a habit also leads to superficial dealings when you are actually with that person.

So, the primary reason for finding faults and judging others is ENVY/JEALOUSY. When someone has something you don’t have & you feel down or competitive, it’s jealousy. When you don’t want them to enjoy it because you can’t, it’s envy. Both are dangerous mindsets to have, and they must be removed at all costs over one’s lifetime.

Everyone gets what they deserve. Sometimes, we should be happy that certain things didn’t come our way because it could have led to more problems. When things come of their own accord, we should be thankful and when we lose something/can’t get something, we should just be the same. In either cases, we must be neutral. Such a state of mind will bring you great peace of mind and develop positive ongoing relationship with all those around you. As the ancient saying goes:

Don’t judge others, but yourself.

I drew the above sketch you see on top of the article using an Apple pencil on my iPad. It’s the best digital pen/stylus I have ever used. Well done to the design & technology team at Apple!

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