Low hanging fruits

Just returned from a community event that focused on the contributions of it’s members over the last 6 months and how various departments have excelled in their respective functions. It was inspiring to hear the stories of unsung heroes, the responsible youth and new initiatives coming up.

What caught my attention was this statement by one of the speakers when he taking about qualities & etiquettes that all members must have:

A tree that has nothing to give is tall & erect (proud) whereas a tree that is laden with fruits, is hanging low (humility) for others to pick and enjoy those juicy fruits. Similarly, one who has lots of skill, must always use their knowledge & success (fruits of his labour) to serve others.

It is said in the ancient scriptures that the below qualities in someone is very attractive to others:

  • Beauty
  • Knowledge
  • Strength
  • Wealth
  • Fame
  • Renunciation

Think of movie stars/models, scientists, body builders, billionaires, sports persons and saints respectively. Are you not attracted to all of them or perhaps some of them? How many times have you desired to be something like them?

From times immemorial, people have always wanted to be the source of attraction, wanting the world revolve around them. If only they had the ability to control everyone, everything and every time! Only if they had the ability to enjoy everyone, everything and every time! Oh, what a life it would be? With such a mindset, people lead their everyday lives, whether it be at home, school, university or work. This is called FALSE EGO! True ego is knowing who you are as a person and false ego is falsely understanding that you are the most important person – the me, myself and I people. Such people can rarely contribute anything meaningful to their life or to those of others. But there is another type of people.

They are what we call champions! They are noble and not self-centric. Whatever little or lot they have in their lives, they are not only thankful but also able to utilises it in the service of others without expecting anything in return! Have you met such people? If so, how do you feel around them? Anyone who gives rather than take, is always well-looked upon by the general populace. No one likes a selfish person. Those who give, have understood what life is all about, the position of human beings through their life journeys and what it means to use the human body properly. This is how one becomes satisfied, balanced and purposeful.

Every single human being on the planet has a skill. Take time to find that out and when found, use it wisely, preferably for the upliftment of mankind. All the best!

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