Must write! Just write!

I am starting my first blog article on this website with a reminder to myself – don’t give up on WRITING!

This is what my author profile says on the blog:

 I started writing online around 2004, then stopped around 2006 and then came back online to write from 2007 – 2015. During this particular period, I was a voracious writer, accumulating about 385 articles! Most of the stories were centred around my journey into spirituality and my experiences therein. But then I left writing again for about 3 years, occupied with work & hobbies. But the itch to write never left me.  Seeing the consistency & success of other bloggers revitalized my interest and then without a second thought, I started this blog in September 2019. I intend not to give up this time!!!

I remember in school I was found of 2 creative things – writing & art. More on the art part later but on writing, I was interested when the school teacher gave an essay assignment but I found it difficult to express my thoughts into paragraphs and sentences. I think I was more fearful of not getting the assignment done. Looking back, the teachers weren’t really creative sort of people. They couldn’t inspire anyone to write much like our mathematics teachers who made everyone hate maths!

Internet saves the day!

Internet has done a lot to get people to come back to reading and writing. Perhaps, the written material is not Shakespearean stuff all the time but citizen journalism is great! When people share their day-to-day life and thoughts in simple and innocent languages, you get the real feel of what’s going in their heart. That’s what matters!

When I started blogging in 2004, the concept was kind of still new. If you could post an article and you mentioned it to friends, you were seen as a smart kid. They thought you had special talent and if you could upload an image to go with it, you had super powers! However, blogging did take a big hit in my opinion once microblogging through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr took off. Suddenly, it looked like people just wanted quick gossip. I do think Twitter writing promotes some sort of creativity and interesting read when what you have to say is limited to certain number of words. Less became more.

But people still wanted more. More of the good writings. Good essays. As the major publications outlets like Wired, Mashable, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc. (I am sure there are better ones out there but I was hooked to these), began to focus on better quality of writing that were engaging, relevant and shareable, common people began to feel that they could do the same. Hence, blogging seems to have made a comeback again and i have a feeling that this trend will continue to grow.


So, this means that I have a 3rd chance! To be inspired in writing this is what I have done:

  • Made a commitment to write something everyday. Just put down your thoughts and judge it harshly.
  • Always look out for possible topics to write – be more aware of happenings around you!
  • Get a cool name that inspires you and easy for others to remember.
  • Instead of using of free platforms to host your thoughts, put up your own website! It costs peanuts to get one started and once you get everything in order, you feel you have built a house for your articles!
  • Check out and support other writers. Post comments, ask questions, attend their meet up sessions and refer their good writing. This keeps the blogging community inspired, connected and supported.

Just writing this has motivated me even more! Please wish me all the best and hope what I say makes sense and is enjoyable for you. Even if it doesn’t, what matters is that I didn’t give up!

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Manoj loves all things related to internet, productivity, self-improvement, spirituality & entrepreneurship. He has written close to 400 articles online over the last 10 years. He is also a podcast host at "Manoj Speaks" + YouTube content creator at "Manoj Videos" + managing an online service "", to assist international students to Australia with tips & advice. You can follow him on Twitter at "@manojthinks".

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