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I have been thinking for a while now to include the full transcription of my podcast episodes. So, a wild google search leads me to the following services which I wanted to share with you also, in case you have been searching.

a. Temi – starting from $0.25/minute

b. Descript – starting from $15/month

c. Scribie – starting from $0.10/minute

d. REV – starting from $1.25/minute

e. Rae Notes – starting from $0.10/minute

f. Transcribe Me! – starting from $0.79/minute

g. Kukarella – starting at $0.08/minute

h. Trint – starting at $60/month

If you are using podcasting platforms like Castos, Spreaker or BuzzSprout, then they offer a tool for transcription for a very nominal fee.

Hope this helps! I am sure there are plenty more out there and I will keep updating this article as and when I find them. But if you have one you would like to recommend, please do so in the comments below!
Thank you 🙂

Cover image: Transcript by 8TIES® from the Noun Project

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