Podcast with Jen Curcio

This episode on Manoj Speaks deals with how Germans have been helping their children deal with the COVID19 lockdowns using art.

Recorded on 01 May 2020


While researching for some articles related to COVID19 management, I stumbled across this article – Why There Are So Many Rainbows On German Windows And Footpaths.

“Whether you walk looking down, around or up, it would be hard not to have noticed them. With their images of rainbows, German children are proving that you can never be too young or small to make a difference.”

Jennifer Curcio, on TheLocal.De

I was interested to know more, but from Jen’s own mouth! So, I contacted her and after a few emails later, we sat down for a talk. It was so interesting!

Listen to the podcast below:

Here is the direct link to the podcast channel.

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