Podcast with Jennifer Hamady

Art of Singing
In this recording, we speak to a successful voice coach from the USA, who shares her life perspectives & her skill.

Recorded on 10 May 2020


While researching for a solo podcast on “expectations”, I was came across this article – The Perils of Intentions & Expectations by Jennifer Hamady. The article was a deep one, and I found this statement very interesting:

“The cause of all upsets falls into one of three categories: undelivered communications, thwarted intentions, or unfulfilled expectations.”

Jennifer Hamady on Physchology Today

I knew straight away she would be an interesting guest on Manoj Speaks podcast and that I could learn a few things from her as well.

Jennifer Hamady lives in the USA and is the author of 3 best sellers:

  • The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice 
  • The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio
  • Learning to Sing

She also runs a successful coaching clinic in the US, and online at findingyourvoice.com” where she offers incredible programs to help people find their voice in their singing, in their self-expression & general communication. Her clients include Grammy Award Winners, performers in Tony and Emmy winning productions, and corporate clients across an array of industries.

Interesting! A psychologist and a singing coach!

Fortunately, she agreed to be on the show and I was delighted! My first guest from USA!

We had such a great time conversing during the recording! We spoke about life, positivity, how to be a talented singer, the pressure on children, etc. The highlight of the show? She sang! Listen to it towards the end of the episode.

Here is the direct link to the podcasting platform, where you can listen.

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