Podcast with Joel Connolly

This podcast episode on Manoj Speaks is a discussion around the lack of support or proper push for startups in Australia.

Recorded on 23 May 2020


An area I love reading about and perhaps dreaming about is Entrepreneurship. Since my university days to today, I come up with all kinds of business ideas that I feel are unique or interesting. What inspires me a lot is internet entrepreneurship whether they be mobile apps, web apps, ecommerce, content generation, etc.

One day while on a Twitter journey, I came across this post:

Most often than not, entrepreneurship is fuelled by the youth. Individuals in their 20s launched some of the best products & services that we know of today. Over the years I have often wondered why Australia don’t have enough startups like what we see in USA, Canada, Israel, China, India, Singapore, etc. What’s stopping us? Is it the fear of failure or is life too comfortable to think big or lack of support from institutions?

Anyway, I got in touch with Joel, the person who wrote the above tweet, and asked him whether we can talk about issues facing Australian startups, and he readily agreed!

Joel Connolly works at Blackbird Ventures, a highly successful venture capital firm who has invested in high growth startups like Canva, Culture Amp, etc. They have a billion dollars under management and a portfolio of over 70 companies.

“I’m Blackbird’s creative force and I work primarily on building Blackbird into a world-class business. I build our brand, culture, and work on our social mission, which is to inspire young people through education and entrepreneurship. My previous role at Blackbird was Head of Community.”

Joel Connolly on the Blackbird Ventures team website

Check out the podcast episode below:

Here is the direct link also: Joey Connolly on Promoting Entrepreneurship in Australia.

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