Podcast with Teresa Tiong

This podcast deals with hotel quarantine in Australia during the COVID19 pandemic.

Recorded on 08 May 2020


When I first heard of the mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine in Australia for returning Australians, I was not happy! Why a hotel, and not a service apartment or their own homes, I thought. I couldn’t see how unhealthy (mentally) it would be for people to stay in 4-walled room with no windows, no balcony and no socializing. Of course, the hotels chosen by the government were of the 5-star category with all meals provided, but without freedom, it would place the occupants under much stress.

So while reading up stories on this matter, I came across this tweet:

Here is the web article link also: https://aurevoirlesfilles.com/blogs/news/am-i-bored-during-my-14-day-hotel-quarantine

When I first shared on social media that I was doing the hotel quarantine, I received a lot of questions asking about the lodging, food and conditions. That was where I got the idea to write about my experience so others can access and benefit from it. Writing the blog was a fun and creative way for me to pass the time. Writing is a skill that I have always wanted to get better at, and it gave me a goal to strive for while making productive use of my time. 

Teresa Tiong on her blog article on hotel quarantine

Teresa Tiong is the founder of Au Revoir Les Filles, an online jewellery store in Sydney, Australia. Her beautiful creations have been worn by movie stars, models & featured in leading publications.

In her blog article, Teresa talks about the positive experience on her hotel quarantine when she returned from her holiday in Singapore. It intrigued me. How could that be? I thought 14-day locked up in a hotel, was a hellish experience & here we have someone thinking otherwise. So, I contacted her, and she was ready for a talk!

And here is the podcast episode of my talk with her.

Here is the direct link to the podcast platform also, where you can listen on your favourite podcast app.

We had such a good time not just on the recording but spent another hour post-recording talking about entrepreneurship, marketing, promotion ideas, etc. Wishing her all the very best!

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