Setting up Gravatar on your blog site

Have you wondered how to get an author image card at the end for your blog article like what I have done below?

I wondered about it too today as I was customising this website. Here are the steps to get one.

Step 1: Go to the signup page of Gravatar, a service offered by the folks at Click on the “Create Your Own Gravatar” button.

Step 2: Enter your login details for your Gravatar account.

Step 3: Check your email for the confirmation and click the button to approve the setup.

Step 4: Complete your bio page but most important is setting up your profile photo. Choose a nice one that will look great on your blog! You can always change it later.

Step 5: Once the above step is completed, go back to your site where your blog is hosted, and go to Settings > Discussions. Change the “Default Avatar” to “Gravatar Logo”. SAVE.

If you now check your blog posts and you should see your own author card at the bottom! If you have multiple writers contributing to your blog, they can all setup their accounts in a similar way. Ensure that the email id they use is the same one you have used to grant them access to your site to post articles.


Either you can upload your favourite profile photo or you may want to consider an avatar on gravatar! Why not consider a caricature/cartoon image of yourself? That’s what I have done for my gravatar profile photo. I got one designed for just $5 from the famous Fiverr portal where creative artists from all over the world are waiting to draw you 🙂 Below is the link to get you there!

Share your creation in the Comments section of this post! Have fun and hope this article helped!

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Featured image: As seen on the homepage of Gravatar website.
How-to images: As seen on the bio pages of Gravatar
Thumbs-up sketch: By the author of this site,
Fiverr click through: From the affiliate link ad of

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