The Royal Rebirth

For a long time now, I have wondered if Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were re-born as Prince Harry and Megan Markle respectively.

Photos credits (Wikimedia Commons):
Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson by Herb Neufeld, CC BY 2.0
Prince Harry & Megan Markle by Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0

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FYI, there are 2 types of rebirth:

  1. Reincarnation
  2. Transmigration of the soul

In Eastern theology, the term “reincarnation” is specifically used when God descends from the spiritual world to the material world, in His original form or in different forms (avatars). There is no cycle of birth > death > birth, going on here.

Transmigration of the soul is used in connection with the individual living entities in creation – not God. The living entities include humans, higher & lower levels of “human beings” on other planets, beasts, plants, micro-organisms, etc. These entities go through birth & death and these 2 stages of life are connected with the material body only and not the soul within the living beings. The body is material and the soul is spiritual. When a person dies, the body is discarded back into nature but the soul that powered it takes up another body, and continue its existence.

This cycle (samsara) continues as long as the soul has material desires. When it’s freed from these desires, the soul is said to be liberated (nirvana).

After liberation, when the soul in its “uncontaminated” state begins/continues its original service mentality (bhakti yoga) to the supreme divine, it’s said to have reached the highest stage of existence, never to be entangled in material existence ever again.

It is absolutely possible for you to come back as anything after death – another human life in higher or lower planets or as a bird or a worm or a cat, as a rich or poor person, man or woman. Anything. It’s all based on your desires & karma. And desires accumulate through a lifetime and from previous births also. If you have material desires, you take birth to fulfill them. If you have spiritual desires, you take birth to fulfill them also. But once all material desires are extinguished through a spiritual life, then there’s no further need for a material birth.

Perhaps Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson loved their royal household very much but not as much as each other, their privacy & independence. As they were so attached to all of that life & desires, they may have taken birth again in the same setting to continue/finish fulfilling those desires.

The soul can take birth in the same household or in the company of someone it has cherished intensely.

So, I am speculating this is what happened here – Edward VIII (of the UK) and Wallis Simpson (of the USA) took birth again as Prince Harry (of the UK) and Megan Markle (of the USA) to enjoy their old companionship, the royal lifestyle and even their birth countries again.

What do you think?

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